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During Meetings in Japan

There are certain do's and dont's during meetings in Japan.

Before entering meeting room
+ First of all, you must always book a meeting room before you occupy a meeting room
+ Ensure you and your team enters the meeting room on time
+ The seating arrangement must follow Japanese organization's hierarchy
+ Leave the room promptly when the booking time is over

During meeting
+ Ensure there is no chaos by different people speaking at the same time
+ Have some order and control the meeting
+ Take meeting notes
+ Watch the time

Offshore team participation
+ Request your offshore team to join the meeting over tcon on time
+ What is on time means?
+ Ask them to keep their mobile off
+ Ask them NOT to talk among themselves during the meeting
+ Ask them one person to talk at a time

Before you leave the room
+ Tidy up the place
+ Ensure all the lights, projector, a/c, etc… are switched off
+ Move all the chairs closer to the meeting table
+ Every one of your team should do move their chair closer to the table

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