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Hierarchy in Japan

We have seen Japan is a hierarchical country.

We must follow hierarchy in all times including first time meeting, going in a taxi, eating out etc...

+ First time meeting someone, exchange of greetings/business card starts from highest level people first
+ When bowing, person of lower rank bows deeply to person of higher rank
+ In a meeting with customer, lower rank person speak only when higher rank one asks the lower rank person to speak
+ Among same org, the higher rank person speaks last
+ In Japanese language, higher rank person speak polite or casual Japanese language, whereas lower rank person speaks highly polite and respectful language

Seating arrangement
in meetings
+ Center seat is reserved for highest rank
+ Or from right to left - higest to lowest rank - lowest sitting next to door
+ Or simply follow the order customer side members are sitting
+ In our office, if we host, our team sit near the door side and customers sit opposite
+ Customers get the best seat
in taxi
+ Seat behind driver is for highest rank and seat next to driver is for lowest rank
+ Lower rank person simply follows what his manager asks him to do

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