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Being Punctual is a great trait to have. Punctuality can be seen everywhere in Japan.

In Japan, every one/thing is punctual including trains and buses.

They expect the same from you.

Whether you are working in Japan or just visiting Japan for meetings - Go to office or meeting place on time. In case if you cannot make it on time, please apologize.

Always go to office on time as mentioned by the customer.

In case if you cannot make it on time:
+ In case, if you think you will be late, call the customer (or sms or mail) in advance that you will be late
+ If you have plans to go to City office or Immigration office, please inform one or two days in advance
+ NEVER give an excuse on the day you go, because, these are well planned trips
+ In a month, please do not go late to the office more than once
+ For whatever reason, if you end up in office late, without informing customer, NEVER give a silly excuse like I forgot to wear winter inners or I forgot the tie or suit etc…
+ Be Honest and Apologize for coming late as customer may be waiting for you to carry out some tasks

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