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Interacting in a Japanese office

Every now and then you may have to interact with another employee in the place where you work. While doing so, we may accidentally see what is in their desk or in their monitor etc... Japanese are highly concerned about their privacy and they do not want others looking at their stuff.

Hence please remember this when Interacting with other employees:

Do not stare or look at other employees monitor or their desk
+ We are tempted to look at blue lights coming from the monitor. Please avoid
+ Most Japanese already have a screen guard to protect others from looking at their monitor

Do not bother them for a pen, pencil or if you need a tissue, etc…
+ Always bring your own pen, pencil, note, paper, wet tissue, kleenex etc…
+ If you failed to bring, no need to worry, there will be a vending machine or a convenience store downstairs - Buy them.
+ Before going out to buy them, take permission from your manager

In moving around office you may have some doubts
+ Always ASK and get things clarified, do not assume.
+ Any point of time, If you have any doubt ( for eg: how to do something), ASK your manager/customer
+ Please do not assume something and do

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