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Introduce yourself

This is the very important part when you first meet your customer. You will have to introduce yourself, bow to each other and exchange business cards.

Introducing yourself
+ Company or Group (for eg: country or school etc…) is given first preference than individual identity
+ Hence you will have to say, I am coming from XYZ Company and my Name is ABC
+ This may sound odd in English but in Japanese that is THE PERFECT way of introducing yourself
+ NOT, This is ABC from XYZ Company

Try to introduce yourself in Japanese language
+ If you want to try some Japanese, you can say this
+ Hajimemashite (meaning - Nice to meet you for the first time)
+ Watashi wa XYZ no ABC desu (meaning - I am ABC from XYZ Company)
+ Yoroshiku onegai shimasu (meaning - Looking forward to work with you)
Note: Yoroshiku onegai shimasu will be found used in many places. Depending on the cost, it could mean - Please support me or Guide me etc...

Bow and No Shake hands
+ Only Bow when you introduce yourself
+ Never do both - Bowing and Shaking hands
+ For senior management person, If Bow is difficult, just shaking hands will do but feel what the Japanese is trying to do and repeat the same
+ When bowing, the person of lower rank bows more deeply in front of senior person

Exchange business cards (visiting cards)
+ When you go as a team (usually this is the case) and exchange cards
+ Remember to let your boss (highest in the rank of your team) exchange cards with his counterpart in customer side
+ Japan follows hierarchy in many places and this is the first place
+ Card exchange should happen with senior most exchanges first, then next in command and so on
+ Japanese always have a business card
+ This is a custom in all Japanese companies to exchange cards when they first meet someone
+ You must come with a business card

Addressing customer or Japanese
+ When you speak to your customer and address them...
+ Use their last name (from the business card or if they have introduced - listen during introduction) and add "San" for respect
+ If you do not know which is last name, ask Politely
+ Never call a Japanese with their first name
+ Unless you are good buddies and they said OK to call by first name

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